Why I deleted social media.

Hey bloggers! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, college is getting the best of me. Anyways, today’s topic is mainly on instagram and facebook and the reasons I do not use it anymore. I haven’t mentioned it but go and check out the book ” Twentysomething: why do adults seem stuck” by Robin Henig and Samantha Henig, in which this blog is dedicated and inspired by. Reading this book has opened my eyes on adulthood in numerous ways. It doesn’t focus on social media but in chapter one it touches upon the situation.

My argument on why instagram is pointless: Remember when instagram was created for photography purposes only? Yeah me either. It’s true to say that before facebook bought it, it was actually a well-rounded app where aspiring photographers could get their work out in the public. The time before selfies, food selfies, and boasting about an imaginary successful life. Don’t get me wrong, these apps can spark creative ideas or even launch you some career but I personally don;t see the point of it anymore. Everyday I would be glued to my phone looking at images of people’s lives that I don’t even talk to anymore. Instead of focusing on my life, I focused on theirs. I became spiteful of people’s lives when they would post their fame
and success in relationships, careers, and etc. In actuality they were just people who focused on making their lives seem great on social media but in person you could have sworn they were someone else. My life without social media has not changed greatly but I am way more content with my life because now my life is the only thing I focus on. I felt addicted to checking my phone all the time. I also developed this nasty habit of comparing myself to others. Post by post I would tell my self ” wow I should be doing this too.” I would know everything about almost everyone who aren’t even important. Social media became a place where you can advertise yourself. Without social media I can proudly say I don’t feel the pressure of broadcasting my life. Instead I am focused on bettering my self without anyone knowing. I now appreciate every experience given to me without needing to take a picture of it.

Mike Lipka, an old sports editor in Chicago quotes in the book “Twentysomething: why do adults seem stuck” by Robin Henig and Samantha Henig states, ” And social networking is makes it worse.  With everyone constantly on Facebook keeping tabs on everyone else is doing, there’s a strange peer pressure to do something existing/ cool/ ambitious with your life. ( or at least appear to be something exciting/cool/ambitious).”


Reality of it.


No one really tells you what to do in your twenties. No one is there to direct you to success, or tell you how to do anything. Weird isn’t it? You spent 18 years with your parents telling you what to do and how to do it and now you’re left with people not telling you a word. It all seems a bit strange how people expect us to know everything while back in high school we had to ask to even use the bathroom. We grew up following direction, so evidently that is all we basically know how to do. Now I’m not speaking for everyone but I sure am speaking for myself. I am clueless when it comes to resumes, cover letters, job interviews, and internships. No one taught me how to do any of these things back in high school. In college they tell us, ” Find an internship.” But no one tells us the process of it.  Be professional they said.” When a year ago I was doing nothing but being unprofessional and hanging out with my friends. Were just left in the waters not knowing how to swim. The world expects so much from us that we end up feeling like failures. The truth behind growing up is it doesn’t happen gradually, it just happens. It’s hard because I’ve spent 17 plus years not knowing how important it would be to know all these things. I’ve spent all these years just enjoying life without any actual obligations. It’s a hard pill to swallow knowing your left in this huge world all alone. Yeah your friends are there to help you and support you through all this chaos, but they can’t do it for you. At this point in your life no one can. It’s up to you to make the decisions so think carefully and chose wisely. I probably mention this in every post but know that you’re not alone in this. We are all trying to figure things out. Heck I still know people in their 30’s still figuring out how to do this thing we call ” adulthood.” My only advice to you is to stop and enjoy the forest instead of trying to focus on every tree. Enjoy these crazy years of uncertainty and know you have all your life to grow up and learn these stupid adult things. ( did i mention I still don’t know how to do my taxes)

Love and peace,


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Starting over.


Starting over can indicate numerous things. For me, it means evolving from my past mistakes. When I was growing up, I didn’t have the easiest childhood. I went through hardships and personal manners relating to family. Nevertheless, our past contributes to our future. This is why starting over was essential for me. In my first post I mentioned all the hardships and lack of motivation I had as a child. I lost all aspiration to learn and to become a better person. I am now twenty years ago wishing that I could go back in time and tell my self how important it was to not give up. The unfortunate thing about going back in time is that it is impossible. The only thing I can do at this very moment is to start over. Sometimes we need to start over even if we don’t think we do. There are certain areas in our life that we don’t feel confident enough in. Whether its working on relationships, our weight, or even our vocabulary, we all have the desire to do better. My only advice to you as well as myself is to let go of the past because it already happened. Look at it as an opportunity to start on a new blank page.  Try to image how greatly you will improve over the course of five years if you just remember that giving up is not an option. Personally, I wish I could just wake up the next morning and know everything I need to know, sadly I can’t. We will never be the best we can be because everyday we learn something new as cliché as that sounds. The root to success comes from knowing your downfalls and working to improve them.

love and peace,


p.s college blows.( random but true)