Freelance poetry.

For some reason this is my favorite poem I’ve written in poetry class. Writing about objects and giving them an emotional attachment isn’t the easiest thing.

The reason why i’m sharing this is on my blog is because i’m starting a new blog strictly on poetry. A wide range of poems by my favorite poets and also my own poems.

P.S ( this crap makes my poem look like one big stanza, the original is much nicer.)

The oceans of coffee

Savory sweet black tides

Drowning my restless eyes.

Grasping the sand of rich intake

You lift me up from the depths of the ocean.

Your black drops run through my lungs

Disabling me to breathe

Making  it harder for me to leave.

The heat of the blazing sun

The warmth through my body.

Encouraging me to take another dive

Swimming in your savory black tide.

Tasting the bitter sea salt you consume

Splashing across the horizon

I couldn’t get back up.

I wanted to drown

I wanted to go further in

To bigger oceans

Deeper valleys

Tidal waves

Shallow rivers

There’s no one else in the water

No one to be found

Just me and you

And the harmony of the oceans sounds.

I never wanted to escape your

Savory sweet black tides.



Under Construction.

I wanted to grow, so I  can help people through their suffering. I wanted to make art, to show the world how powerful humans are. I wanted to be heard, to show our voices mattered. I wanted to live my life the way I wanted to, to show society cannot control our decisions. I wanted to praise God, to show there is someone who loves us infinitely. I wanted to write this to remind you everything will be okay.