Hello readers ❤
As you young cool hip teenagers would say, it’s been a min. I’ve been busy with you know “adult things” Today’s topic that I would love to discuss is the journey, not the destination to success.
Not a lot of successful people tell you how hard it was to achieve what they did. I never understood why people only showed the great aspects of their life when it’s the defeat that makes us human. I want to share to my readers the defeat in my life. I want us to reach success together and still be humble.
First of all being a college student in NYC is hard enough as it is. What makes it even harder is when jobs that are not even related to our career aspirations (retail) want us to drop out to work for them. Anyways, these past couple of months has been my hardest. Juggling grades, applying to colleges, looking for a job to get me by, you name it! I’ve gone through emotional tides trying to figure out what I want to pursue career. Struggling writer vs something practical? Isn’t it funny how we go to the practical path.. Well yeah I went there, but if you really love something sometimes you have to let it go. It’s been my hardest decision. I often spoke to other college students and noticed I wasn’t alone. So many people were changing their career paths after years of sticking with it. I did not understand myself. I was so worried because I am a planner. I cannot just go through the flow when it comes to the future, I want to plan goals. I had so many ideas but I often do not where to start. This has caused a mild depression in my life. The pressures of society telling me I should have everything figured out as if I was already forty years old. The pressures of not being great.. and falling under the lines of average. The pressure of not getting that internship or not getting into your dream college. It’s all too much for a young adult to handle. My biggest downfall was not knowing what I wanted. I didn’t want to close some doors because I wondered what could be in them. I didn’t want to settle for something average yet I didn’t try hard enough. I saw people do so much with their lives while I am home studying for my midterm. The hardest battle I went through was battling my inner thoughts. The inner voice that tells you “ no don’t do that, they will look at you weird.” Or my personal favorite, “you’re not good enough.” It’s all been too much. Although I haven’t reached the very top.. and I still have a long way to go, I’ve learned that some people get lucky and don’t work for anything; others go through all this bullshit to find something greater.
Love and peace,
“Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive.”
― Josephine Hart, Damage