In nothing I trust. ( Part one)

My attempt to make catchy titles is not the only thing I know how to do! ( I’m also an expert on ” Netflix and cry” and going off topic)

Yes, that’s how I start a blog post ok.


it’s been a while since I’ve last written to you guys. my apologies. A lot has crossed my mind about what to write about. I’ve finally made up my mind. Just in case you’re new to this blog… I’ll explain what exactly what my theme is. On twentysomething, we discuss the reality of growing up and my personal experiences/thoughts. If you’re in your twenties or just coming out of high school, this blog will be great for you. Remember you’re not alone.

TRUST: firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.

On today’s topic, I will speak mostly on trust when it comes to God. I know this is a  controversial topic but this MY blog.


Growing up I was always taught not to trust. Dont trust people in a train station, don’t trust boys, don’t trust certain friends, etc. This has impacted my faith in the most negative ways. Growing up is hard and sometimes we find ourselves alone with no one to trust. I tried to do everything alone because I didn’t trust anyones help, not even God’s.  I was yelling in fear. ” God I’m drowning, you see the storm? why aren’t you doing anything!!”  I was letting myself drown. I stopped attending church, I stopped talking to God, I stopped trusting him. I put the whole world on my shoulders and yelled at everyone who wanted my help me carry it. You ever go to the gym and think you can lift 200 pounds because the person next to you was lifting that amount? You ask yourself wow I can do that!! pause….no you can’t! you just started your membership yesterday! uh hello???? well, I was thinking that I could do it all without someone spotting me but most importantly without God guiding me.Sometimes I’d pray for help and notice nothing changing. I was left in the dark without knowing I’m the one who actually put myself there. I think having faith and trusting is the hardest thing in life. Trusting yourself is even a battle sometimes. Can I really trust that i’m smart enough to pass the exam my professor told us last min about? Can I trust myself to tell someone I just met about my personal life? I can really trust myself to leave my bag at the library while I go to the printer? can trust myself to even make sense when I write my blog posts? ( that’s a no) Where does someone gain all this trust in this messed up world.

Answer: faith.

Faith in God goes a long way. We need someone to lean on. We need someone to beleive in. We need to know everything will be okay. We need to know that whatever were going through will fade away. We need to hand over the world we are carrying on our shoulders to God. We are not strong enough to carry all this burden. If we decide to do it all on our own we will drown.


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